Mineral Pools

When you’re buying a pool, you have the option to make it a salt chlorinated or chlorinated pool. However, you may learn that there are health benefits to using mineral pools over the other popular types. Mineral pools are known for being a healthier solution than to using just chlorine. While mineral pools use potassium chloride, magnesium chloride and sodium chloride, they also require the use of chlorine. What sets apart these pools from the other types is that mineral pools use roughly 50% less chlorine than fully chlorinated pools

Mineral pools are the most natural pool option you can get, without the harmful bacteria that comes with naturally made pools! They are also well renowned throughout history and have stood the test of time, with even the ancient Romans using them in their bathhouses and using minerals to sterilise their aqueducts.

Unlike chlorinated pools, which require you to purchase chemicals on a regular basis to continually maintain the pool, mineral pools use sanitising cartridges. These cartridges house the few chemicals needed to run the pool correctly and safely. Fortunately, they only need to be replaced every one to two years. Mineral pools are easy for the pool owner to wants to keep things simple and sweet in regard to pool maintenance. Plus, these pools are better for the swimmers as there are less harsh chemicals needed.

If you would like a mineral pool, the team at Pool Controls use the XLS Mineral system, which has the highest grade minerals and sodium chloride (salt) to create the most superior water quality and clarity for your fibreglass pool.

Some benefits of the XLS Mineral system:

– Magnesium Chloride: The minerals used at XLS have way more magnesium than other brands. Magnesium is primarily known to relax muscles and soften the skin.

– Potassium Chloride: Used to mitigate muscle cramping and is essential for maintaining the health of your kidneys, heart and nervous system.

-Borates: Boracic acid is capable of increasing and enhancing the quality of the water. It works by creating a soft, almost silk like feeling to the water – all of which can contribute and better your swimming experience.

A mineral pool uses similar technology to a salt chlorinated pool, however different minerals such as magnesium and potassium are added to the water to give a luxurious bathing experience, and even provide many health benefits to swimmers. The XLS system is one that we use to ensure that customers get the highest grade minerals for their mineral pools. Ask us about our mineral pool offerings!

Still Unsure? Here Are Reasons To Get A Mineral Pool!

Healthier and Gentler on the Skin: Mineral pools utilize a combination of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium instead of traditional chlorine-based sanitizers. These minerals are known for their soothing and healing properties, providing a more gentle and natural swimming experience. Mineral pools can be especially beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin, allergies, or respiratory conditions.

Reduced Chlorine Dependency: While traditional chlorine is effective in disinfecting pools, it can cause skin and eye irritation, dry out the hair, and emit a strong odor. Mineral pools require significantly less chlorine, as the minerals work synergistically to inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae. This reduced dependency on chlorine results in a more enjoyable swimming environment with reduced chemical exposure.

Enhanced Water Clarity: Mineral pools are known for their crystal-clear water. The minerals used in these pools help to improve water clarity by effectively trapping impurities and preventing the formation of scale and staining. This means less time and effort spent on pool maintenance and a consistently inviting pool for you and your guests.

Health and Well-being Benefits: Swimming in a mineral pool can have potential health benefits. The minerals present in the water are believed to have therapeutic properties, promoting relaxation, stress relief, and improved sleep. For example, magnesium, a common mineral found in mineral pools, is known to help relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and promote overall well-being.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Mineral pools offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chlorine-based pools. With reduced chlorine usage, there is a decrease in chemical discharge into the environment. Additionally, mineral pool systems often require less energy for maintenance, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

Long-Lasting and Low Maintenance: Mineral pools are designed to be durable and require minimal maintenance. The minerals in the water help to prevent scaling and staining, extending the life of your pool equipment. Additionally, the reduced chlorine demand means fewer chemicals to handle and fewer fluctuations in water chemistry, simplifying pool maintenance and reducing the need for constant monitoring.

Pleasing Aesthetic and Smoother Water Feel: Mineral pools are known for their aesthetically pleasing appearance. The minerals can impart a beautiful, natural blue hue to the water, giving your pool a visually appealing and inviting ambiance. Furthermore, the minerals contribute to a smoother water feel, creating a more luxurious and enjoyable swimming experience.

Increased Value and Appeal: Installing a mineral pool can significantly enhance the value and appeal of your property. Buyers often appreciate the added benefits and eco-friendly nature of mineral pools, making your home more attractive in the real estate market.

Our Process

Our process is simple, clear and stress free!

Step 1: Request Your Free, No Obligation Quote: Take the first step towards your dream pool by reaching out to us for a complimentary quote. There’s no obligation, so you can explore your options without any pressure.

Step 2: Personalized Design Consultation: Our dedicated team will work closely with you to determine the ideal size, shape, color, and style for your pool. We understand that every customer is unique, and we’ll ensure that your pool perfectly suits your preferences and complements your outdoor space.

Step 3: Professional Installation: Once you’ve finalized the design, our team of skilled and experienced installers will begin the pool installation process. With precision and expertise, we’ll transform your vision into reality, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation.

Step 4: Filling and Backfilling: After the installation is complete, we’ll carefully fill your pool with water and perform the necessary backfilling. This ensures that your pool is structurally sound and ready for use.

Step 5: Water Balancing for Safety: Your safety is our priority. Our experts will balance your pool water by adding the appropriate chemicals to ensure it is safe and ready for swimming. We’ll ensure that your pool water is properly treated, maintaining optimal hygiene and clarity.

Step 6: Comprehensive Pool Handover: Our team will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive handover of your new pool. We’ll guide you through all aspects of pool operation and maintenance, equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to keep your pool in pristine condition.

Step 7: Embrace a Lifetime of Pool Enjoyment: With your new pool installed and expertly handed over, it’s time to immerse yourself in a lifetime of fun and relaxation. Create lasting memories with family and friends, and cherish the joy and tranquility that your pool brings to your life.

At every step of the process, we are committed to your satisfaction and ensuring that your pool installation journey is smooth and enjoyable. Contact us today to get started on bringing your dream pool to life.