Brampton Slimline 6.2m x 3.5m

Brampton Slimline 6.2m x 3.5m


Brampton Slimline 6.2m x 3.5m

With dimensions measuring 6.2 meters by 3.5 meters, the Brampton Slimline embraces potent geometrical attributes that harmonize effortlessly with both contemporary and classic outdoor surroundings. Exuding an aura of confidence and sophistication, the Brampton Slimline pool model exemplifies a bold and refined design.

Noteworthy among its features is the astute integration of dual entry and exit points, a hallmark of its extraordinary versatility. This strategic facet endows the Brampton Slimline with the adaptability to find its place seamlessly within a variety of settings, ensuring a harmonious fit within diverse outdoor landscapes.

A defining attribute of the Brampton Slimline pool, measuring 6.2 meters by 3.5 meters, is its continuous bench seating spanning the entire pool length. This thoughtfully designed feature serves a dual purpose, especially when considering the pool’s placement in close proximity to residences and nearby structures. The pool’s sleek and streamlined design contributes to an unhindered expanse of swimming area, engendering a feeling of spaciousness that is ideal for family leisure.

Ultimately, the Brampton Slimline pool, with its dimensions of 6.2 meters by 3.5 meters, encapsulates a fusion of daring aesthetics and pragmatic design elements. Beyond its role as a mere pool, it stands as an embodiment of meticulous consideration for both style and function, epitomizing a versatile and family-friendly outdoor oasis.


Name Length (m) Width (m) Deep End (m) Shallow End (m)
Brampton Slimline 6.20 3.50 1.88 1.27